About Jaige

I studied in Montréal, Québec and Portland, Oregon to complete an accredited 1600 hour Alexander Technique teacher training course and am an AmSAT* certified teacher of the Alexander Technique.

I discovered this work, like many, through dealing with chronic pain. I started classical violin lessons at age six; by the time I was thirteen my musical instrument had me in knots. This lasted for a decade and there was little I could do for relief shy of not playing – a sacrifice I was reluctant to make. What I didn’t realize at the time was that I held the keys to releasing my own tension and making my requirements as a musician much, much easier. Studying the Alexander Technique gave me the tools to do this.

Although the Alexander Technique is intended to prevent misuse, applying the practice after things have gone awry can yield miraculous transformation – it did for me. In addition to melting away the ever present chronic tension, my fiddle and cello technique have improved and I feel more capable of specific and intended musical expression; the Technique has supported my ongoing development as a singer; it has freed up my dancing; it has enabled my inherent strength, encouraged me to be more present and generally improved my health and well being.

For fifteen years, I have made my living with music, performing and teaching across the continent and abroad. Currently I work with a small acoustic group, Maivish, arranging, composing and performing music in traditional Anglo, Franco and Celtic folk idioms. The Alexander Technique travels with me; workshops and private lessons can be scheduled on request. I also teach in and around Stanstead, Québec on both sides of the border.