“Jaige is a wise and perceptive teacher.  She creates a quiet, mindful space where healing and learning can take place.  Her lessons have opened up new pathways to ease my chronic pain.  I love that the Alexander Technique offers simple, profound ideas I can integrate into my daily life and into my work as a fiddle teacher.  Whether performing on stage or sitting on an airplane, I find myself returning to Alexander Technique concepts again and again.” 

-Olivia H.

“It feels like a good way to spend the rest of my life”

– Yann F.

“.. Throughout each session I felt steady physical and mental changes that improved the way my body felt and functioned. I am nineteen years old and I consider myself to be an athletic and healthy person but after working with Jaige I noticed that I felt better than before. My muscles were more relaxed and I could easily see that if I continued the practice, I could maintain a youthful health for years to come. 

… I can recall one session in particular where we were working on a porch and we paused to watch a dog run around the back yard. I had been explaining to Jaige that ever since I was in middle school, I have experienced knee pain when I run too much, and she asked me to observe how the dog was running. The dog’s head led her body and everything worked together to help the dog run without hindrance. Jaige explained that to change a pain in my knee I could start by simply walking differently. Walking with my head reaching into infinite space above me and concentrating on specific body parts leading me. With practice, I could walk downhill and run without pain… 

I most certainly recommend Jaige and the Alexander Technique to anyone, no matter their age or their body type. The younger and earlier in life a person can start the practice, the better they will feel in their older age. You do not need to have an injury to benefit from it. Anyone can. I can confidently say that I benefitted from the practice and having Jaige work with me was a complete pleasure.”

– Mikaela M.